Raise your voice

I read newspapers on a regular basis, and what particularly catches my eyes are the columns and pages brimming with articles on girls and women.

I do not know why they entice me. May be because I am a girl myself, a delicate human being? The news headlines paint the words ‘Acid Attacks on Girls’, ‘Domestic Violence’, ‘Molestation’, ‘Rape’, ‘Rape Culture’, and the list goes on.

Such news stories trigger my mind, jolt my soul and beat my heart. I just wonder how long and till when…? When will the columns be filled with news about gender harmony, peace, prosperity and progress? How long shall I keep reading such demonic and inhuman news? Such news stories just condemn, revile and belittle my nation.

A bit of correction, actually the word ashamed justifies the statement even more.

I just recall those women rights and the laws which I read in my high school course in social studies. The words dance in my mind fragment by fragment.

The documents flash in my little head. I contemplate for a split second, “Why? Why this barbarism? Why?” Just because a girl refuses a guy’s proposal of marriage, love or sex? As the nightmare continues, the only option left with the innocent girl is to either lose the battle of life or endure and accept the plight you are in.

Feeling pity? Please don’t.

One must not for the situation girls are put into but for the society that created such a plight for her.

Then what? Be the change.

Raise your voice. Speak up if someone shows weird and reckless behaviour. Do not hesitate to tell your parents if someone touches you where he should not.

Do not hold your tongue because you think it will harm your self-respect, and do not think that it risks your parents’ reputation.

Even if the perpetrator is a relative or your friend, speak up. If you mute yourself, your silence encourages the perpetrator.

Just resist and speak up.

Parents can help. They can help their children by teaching about body boundaries. They can teach their children self-defense skills.

Hey girls, you are not a fragile.

Be strong. Raise your voice anytime you sense something wrong is taking place.

To cut the long story short, our collaborative effort is essential to prevent such abuses.

It is everyone’s responsibility to create such an environment where our sisters can live without fear of being abused.

I dream of a day when there will not be any news about sexual assault, rape and acid attacks on our sisters and they can walk freely anywhere anytime.

On that day, I will be reading news about my nation’s progress and prosperity.