Reading habit

The book that you pick up, out of many, often reflects on kind of person you are and say a lot about you. Here are few things your choice might be speaking about you: Romantic Novels: Friend Zone Specialist large. You check horoscopes and match compatibilities with your latest crush you think is your meant-to-be and when you are almost sure that the whole universe is hinting you about it, the latest meant to be breaks your heart and you cry on the shoulders of your ‘always-there’ friend who really is your meant to be but is friend-zoned long back by you. That’s when God face-palms at your love story, again! Fantasy Fiction: Real-Life Don Quixote. You don’t just believe, you are quite sure that the life is fairy-tale. If not that DON_QUIXOTE_1024crazy, you surely believe that you are some genius waiting for that Nobel Prize to come to you. It is just that you have not yet figured out for what you will be bringing that prize home... —