Real change

Go green kids stop before throwing something away. Has this item lived out its full usefulness? Could it be repaired instead of thrown away? Could I make it into something useful? Is this something another person would be happy to have? Ways to go green for kids should include thinking things over before throwing something away

Kids don’t pay the bills, but they can still conserve. Turning off lights when leaving a room is one way kids can go green. Turning the heat down and running water only when needed are others. Think about whether you are actually using the items you have turned on. If the answer is no, turn them off.

There are so many ways to go green for kids to act on. Start with recycling, reducing and reusing. Teach others by your go green example. Take the time to think before buying something or throwing it away. Conserve energy and natural resources. These easy ways for kids to go green really make a difference. —