Red alert

As a result of unemployment, many women,

especially from the lower rungs of the economic ladder, are being forced to take on unpleasant jobs.

In the major urban centres, many women are

learnt to have fallen victim to exploitation of various forms; some even been forced into prostitution to make ends meet. Consequently, flesh trade, is booming as the easiest means of earning one’s livelihood. The uncomfortable fact, however, is that while some women voluntarily submit themselves to prostitution, many others are forced by their employers, mostly hotel and restaurant owners or by sex-trade brokers to sell their bodies,.

Moreover, such women, instead of being offered alternative ways of livelihood, are often harassed by law-enforcement officials and others. In addition, the real exploiters continue to take advantage of their poverty, helplessness and their being on the ‘wrong’ side of the law. In recent raids carried out by the police, sex workers were subjected to torture and humiliation while those who forced them into the trade were allowed to go scot-free. Prostitution is called the oldest profession. So, if a woman who wants to take it up of her own accord is allowed to do so, provided that she observe certain societal rules, most of the present distortions will be removed.