Regressive or progressive?

Even as politicians cry “pratigaman” hoarsely at a passing glimpse of the former king and his retinue, Nepalis seem to have regained their penchant for primal cultural and social instincts, including hoarding illegal money and return of “baise chaubise” rajyas.

This is in the context of a picture of a bull fight on THT page 1, Jan 16. Show this picture to anyone anywhere, even in Spain, and they will all agree that this is barbaric and obsolete custom. People all around the world openly cheer on the Facebook the violent revenge of the bulls upon matadors that try to spear them mercilessly. Animals have right to life, too, and to defend themselves. While Nepali animal welfare individuals have not developed the aggressiveness of their international peers, they will certainly, and silently, celebrate any animal retaliation on the cruel humans. If we are a true 21st century federal democratic republic, we must outlaw any such barbaric practices that were prevalent in the times of Caligula whose children were smashed against the wall. We must also ensure that chickens are not stuffed into bamboo basket atop a vehicle bound for BP Highway in cold winter mornings. Nor should we allow goats in and on the roofs of rickety buses plying the dangerous highways of the country. We will become a progressively changed nation only when we start treating animals humanely and start abstaining from corrupt practices. It is important that we refrain from bull fighting as this is a similar extension of foreign culture as is evident from a THT photo on page 7, Jan 16. Both are animal cruelty in contents.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Media diluted

With humble submission and due regards; I would like to draw your serious attention to the fact that several media outlets (both print and electronic) across South and SE Asia are only publishing news, images, editorials and opinion pieces heavily focused on violence, terror, fear, social injustice, destructive negative politics, hate speech, corruption, nepotism, heinous crimes, ethnic wars and hopelessness. All these are possibly true for various parts of South and SE Asia; but don’t you think that media has responsibility to build a society in positive terms. If this is the only news media that will have, there could be serious negative impacts on our younger minds that are future hope for any nation. Covering educational, academic, normal and healthy social life and practices, environmental or wildlife news, sports and other topics will not dilute media focus; but make it more appreciable and/or acceptable to all members of the society. I refuse to agree South and SE Asia belongs to the rich and political elites, soldiers and security personnel, terror groups, corrupt politicians and hate mongering religious preachers. Media must be proactive not to give so much space to these negative voices all the time; but, also provide some positive local, regional and international news for the readers to find some hope. This balance is important for any society to thrive and prosper.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada