Resource problem

Apropos of the news story “Resource management in federal system a herculean task for MoF” (THT, October 31, Page 11), we asked for it, didn’t we?

However, we need not worry too much about resource or money crunch as our foreign friends, who introduced us to the delights of federalism of a country smaller than Bihar, will flood us with finance for the asking.

If we cannot manage it, we should just leave it to the international community to come up with their own panache.

We can invite them as 51 percent partner as NL gas is doing “Saisan Co acquires majority stake in NL Gas,” (THT, October 31, Page 11).

Or, we can get a strategic partner in the MoF similar to the one MoIC is working on “MoIC preparing to get a strategic partner: Minister Basnet” (THT, Ocotber 31, Page 3). This partnership will surmount geographical challenges as well as natural disasters like quakes, landslides, landslips, flood, mud, slush, dust, storms etc as opined by the central minister.

To mitigate NRB’s worries about depleting remittances, the 125 political parties can help by sending all their cadres on migrant labour after the elections are over. We would have remittances beyond our wildest dreams. The remittances should naturally go into the pradesh where the workers hail from.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Customer care

Right now we are in the firm grip of bigger technological advantages like the Internet, SMS, Mobile and WhatsApp, to name a few. To begin with, I always support the Internet which is the best way of communication in a professional and undisputed manner.

I have been using the Internet almost from the Y2K for my personal and professional activities. On the other hand, our world is fueled and driven by ‘marketing strategies sans services.’  For example, if you wanna know about your mobile services through the customer care units, you will never, I am sure, get the full details and satisfactory answer from them.

In fact, this is my professional experience. And the lack of technological knowledge and that of  English are simply adding to the issues related to the customer service.The scene was however good sometime back – in the years like 2009 and 2010. At that point of time, I had been in touch with mobile service providers and bankers in a satisfactory manner through their customer care units. Those beautiful services then had enthralled me and even pushed me to contact the service providers through the Internet and over the phone on various occasions even as I was out in my native areas of Tamil Nadu.

The sad truth is that for now service providers are not as interested in improving their customer service as selling their products.Selling without care for consumers is a big blunder that should be nipped in the bud.

Otherwise the people will end up losing faith in the manufacturers. It is time to improve the customer service through more knowledge, courtesy and satisfaction.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai