Reunion with curiosity

Once my manager had said this to me, “Curiosity kills the cat. Don’t be too curious.” He was one of those elder authorities whose comments and feedback were considered worthy in our organisation.  His hold on English grammar and vocabulary was quite good.

During those early times of my professional life, the sudden comment of his broke my heart. It shook my confidence level. For more than a decade, I used to feel sorry for myself for being curious. How incorrect he was in the usage, and how wrong I was to accept it as it was!

After a decade and a half, when I was reading the Golden Versions of God Shiva, I discovered that curiosity is the specialty of my soul. Whatever I am and wherever I have reached is because of this inbuilt trait of curiosity. Because of the eagerness to know or learn about something, I have overcome so many mountain-like challenges in life. My trainer, Varun, told me that subconsciously we tend to accept comments from people who have made a difference in our lives.

Suddenly I realised I have given powers to those who don’t even know about me. Unnecessarily, I made my life miserable when I was dependent on others to know about myself. Just because the people are older or more experienced doesn’t mean they know you thoroughly.

What a wonderful reunion of my true divine virtue with myself as a soul. It was celebration time when I met it on the last day of 2019. Yahoo! Isn’t it a wow moment when we become aware of our specialities for which no certificate is required from others?  A better understanding, better light and a better spiritual awakening! Isn’t our soul cherishing this reunion more than a reunion, say of a school or college?

Outside, either we bid farewell or add someone in our materialistic journey of life. But spiritually are we bidding farewell to greed and jealousy or imbibing divine virtues of contentment and selflessness from others?

Like the Pandavas, who were determined in fulfilling their oaths, I took a vow to apply a filter in my mind about what to accept from others in 2020. Instead I will check and recheck to find out if it’s really related to my transformation for the best or reject it immediately.

Like a devotee who by intense worship surrenders to God and gets a blessing in return, I surrender my intellect and mind to Lord Shiva to decide and enlighten me with His nectar of true knowledge.