Sex education

Sex education has been made mandatory in schools and given more importance because it will inform the student’s problems involved in sex and sexual health. Individuals that are well-informed about sex, sexual practices, child sexual abuse and sexually transmitted diseases are needed for the development of a society. Schools pave the path for students academically, socially and help them become a responsible citizen, and implementing sexual education for growing children and adolescents would create a generation of open-minded and well-informed citizens. It is poignant to discover that 34 percent of the persons infected with HIV are within the age group of 12 to 19.

Many parents must have been caught in that moment when their child asked them the question that baffles kids, “Where do babies come from?” Most parents try to dodge the question and believe that the schools would teach their kids what they need to know. Sex education in schools can demolish awkwardness while discussing sexual interest and while having open conversations about the topic. Proper sex education will assist the students to not just have a better understanding of their sexuality and that of the opposite gender but also help them explore their sexuality more comfortably.

Teenagers these days are exposed to fallacies and myths about sex through media, pornographic material or the internet. These fallacies may seem harmless initially but false information about something as sex can lead to devastating results. Proper knowledge of sexual intercourse and the genitalia would help reduce teenage pregnancies as this would help them understand the seriousness and complications involved in being a teenage parent. The advisory use of contraception during sexual intercourse and the importance can also be conveyed through sex education. This transforms the children into responsible adults, it is very common to find sexually active teenagers. Sex education at school has the potential of helping students understand the value of abstinence in the early years or maybe teach them to be responsible while they are sexually active.

Some schools argue sex education in kindergarten causes more harm compared to benefits. The innocence of children might be affected because of sex education. They have a curiosity to explore things and even their body which could get into unusual circumstances.