Sick and tired

It pains the eyes and ears when passing through the Hanumandhoka Durbar Square, a heritage site, all because of the unrestricted movement of vehicles of all brands and sizes. It is no wonder than many residents in the area complain of many health ailments because of the mutli-pronged pollution effects. Even a casual walker will not find it easy to maneuver himself/herself in the chaotic vehicular traffic even in this heritage zone, which should, in fact, be prohibited for plying vehicles. The dangers to the pedestrians aside, the age old architectural marvels are receiving the jolts and shivers from the thousands of vehicles that rumble over the cobble stoned path along the medieval buildings and temples.

The metropolitan authorities ought to have declared the area a no-vehicle zone long time back. But, they were more interested in collecting the entry fee from tourists and not to come in the firing line of the local people rather than devoting their focus on how the glorious monument could be protected from the ravages of nature and the onslaught of air pollution and tremor that each passing vehicle unleashes. Thank god that the KMC has woken up and will take some action soon. Let’s hope it works out!