Silence is golden

Everything of the ambience becomes audible when the mind in you becomes silent. The nature of our spirit is silent. The vastness inside us without any words is the real potential of our spirit. Unless we can identify the realm within ourselves, we are not able to make our life better. The sea divers must have known that the depth of an ocean or a river is calm and devoid of fluctuations. They find that a new world exists when we go deep inside the ocean and so is with our spirit. Spirit doesn’t want to get disturbed by any pebble that a fisher throws at, rather it wants the pebble to comprehend the meaning of depth and silence.

Once I was asked, “Why are you so silent?”  I stayed silent because many a time silence is the answer, more to be researched by others. You can’t make someone silent just by asking them to be silent because they are talking their mind. When they come from the spirit, then they will themselves stop talking worthless or non-stop for long. I encounter the question almost regularly but it is worthless to explain how one feels when s/he remains in solitude under the ocean enjoying the serene hidden world. You can think of many great things or ideas or welfare from deep down the ocean rather than amidst hustle and bustle of the city. We have experienced that when we are in a shower, new creative ideas might emerge than while watching television or chatting with friends.

Our mind is a nuclear bomb with a magnificent amount of energy hidden beneath, waiting to explode. Talking more and more will add up some static energy onto your mind. By this I don’t mean that conversation is bad but conversations might end up good or bad, useful or unworthy.

At the same time, being in solitude shouldn’t mean over-thinking. The moment you hear your inner words while you are isolated from the outer world, not completely but for certain duration, you can feel what silence is. Silence is the unspoken loudness full of positive energy worth prospects and optimism.

There is no frictional loss in inner silence than we lose our energy with spoken words which even mightn’t be fulfilled after it is spoken.

Practising silence needs nature. The whistling of leaves, the soothing songs of birds, the gentle air blowing are all the forms of silence. Silence is a form of patience that is vital for our everyday life.