Speak up

Instead of observing the World Press Day as a mere formality it is high time something was done about the appalling conditions under which journalists are working. Even after the end of the conflict, many Nepali journalists have been killed, while others face threats and intimidation from those who make attempts to throttle an independent, free press. There is no denying that journalists should be able to work in an environment free from fear without being pressurised or harassed. However, journalists should strive to be always responsible and to honestly serve those to whom they cater to.

The role that the press has to play in this transient phase is even more important. They should contribute from their side to the logical conclusion of the peace process. Besides, they should also strive to safeguard and strengthen democracy. In this, they have to make commitments, and should the need arises, even be prepared to make sacrifices. Journalism in Nepal has come a long way in the past ten years or so, but there is no place to remain complacent about this. Rather the press should serve to blaze the path for a better future of all Nepalese by upholding their right to information.