Spiritual healing for coronavirus

As a research student of astrology, numerology and unseen realities of the spiritual world, I have been inspired to use self-healing techniques to cure and prevent bad times in life. Time and numbers are connected, and so is destiny, as such our clock has numbers for reasons. It is the invisible reality that influences the unhidden reality.

Living in the 21st century, I did not believe in magical miracles, but I could not reject it either when I saw the positive results through my practice. Let me focus on the numerology side of the year 2020- 2 represents the guiding force, 0 represents the beginning of a spiritual journey and 4 represents death and the protector. These numbers have dragged me towards writing this article and take it to those who need my guidance.

This year there will be deaths, but the father, the protector, can protect those who embark on the spiritual journey. There are dark forces surrounding the unseen realities, and there is a light inward every individual that consists of great godly power. During these times, when people in quarantine have nothing much to do, they can try to connect to their power within, and that can help them cure and fight the effects of the coronavirus.

I would like to ask the victims of coronavirus to calm themselves first, close their eyes and try to get connected to the power that lies within. Once they focus on the energy inward, and locate it in themselves, they will gradually be able to see the dark forces surrounding the environment, in the dark world. I want the individual to now use their lighted god energy within to clear the dark energy surrounding them.

I would also suggest people use the energy of a shaman. The year 2020 can be considered the year of the shaman, according to my research. He is the one chosen by God to help communities perform spiritual magic. The chosen one has the power of God to perform miracles.

Many people around the world consider shamans to be witches. We all know irrefutably time is the king and the ruler of all, and now if it is their time, “the times of shamans”, we must use the power for our own aid and cure. Combining the self-power along with the power of a real chosen shaman, one can see miracles happen in the world in a short time period. Today, we have been unsuccessful in finding a cure for the coronavirus, I strongly believe my suggestion can help save many in the world.