Strengthening relationship

Relationship is a state of deep relating and responsiveness towards one another that helps men and women live together, grow together and blossom together as friends, as life partners enjoying the beauty and blissfulness of togetherness. Relationship binds men and women together out of love and freedom and this togetherness empowers them to grow together and liberate together.

The rift grows between couples when the husband struggles to make his wife as his possession. The wife grows rebellious from within and her rebelliousness makes her stronger for fighting for her very individuality, entity and liberty as an equal, free and dignified human being.

Whenever the husband tries to possess the wife as an object, he starts degrading and dehumanizing not only his wife but also women in general, who are inevitable equal partners of the whole peaceful co-existence. When the husband starts dehumanizing the woman by possessing her merely as an object, he starts dehumanizing himself as well because one who dehumanizes others can’t be a whole and holistic human being himself.  The husband makes every possible effort to possess the wife in order to ensure a lasting relationship that yields abundant love and fidelity spontaneously.

On one hand, he is trying to turn her into a non entity just existing to fulfill his desires like a machine does as directed, and on the other, he still expects   spontaneous love and fidelity  from his wife. True love and affection is the spontaneous overflow of peaceful, happy and loving human heart that can be gifted only when a woman is deeply adored, loved and respected as an independent, free and dignified human being. When the husband feels deprived of love and affection from the wife, he calls it infidelity.  But this is not the fault of the wife because she cannot force love to flow towards someone who has made every effort to enslave her.

Possessiveness is poisonous.  Because a woman is married and thus becomes a wife of somebody, there is no right nor is it right on any ground that a husband is free to posses the wife turning her into a complete slave in the name of marriage and relationship.   Be human and let her live her life enjoying unconditional peace, freedom and love as an independent, free and dignified human being.  Only in an enabling environment like this  that both husband and wife, man and woman are treated equally.