Tea shop as a public sphere

The bustling street doesn’t seem to bother the busy bee, Ram Dai. His tea house is one of the most admired areas in the locality for spiced tea.

People from different walks of life visit his shop to enjoy a cup of tea together.

Along with warm drink, they share joys and sorrows, ideologies and perspectives, knowledge and wisdom.

Though underrated, this small yet beautiful tea shop offers gratification that is one step ahead from that ofthe mundane world.

As they say, positive word of mouth is gold for business; Ram Dai’s tea house needs no advertisements. One who has been there is sure to visit this beautiful place again and again.

Made from wood and bamboo, a bridge between the ancient and contemporary, the house gives a glimpse of indigenous art; that has fuelled a great interest in preserving the typical Nepali culture.

Also, earthen cups are the gems of this wonderland that are not just a pleasure for the eyes but also have healing properties as suggested by Ayurveda.

Unlike the modern tea house, this cottage doesn’t offer internet facilitiesthat givepeople the opportunity to communicate, express and connect more.

Thus, it’s about creating lovely moments where we stop scrolling the phones and take out the time to make the most of what’s in our cup, tea mind fullness.

In this active phase of life, pausing for a while is highly recommended for our wellbeing and mental health. This is the theory behind mindfulness; the logic that allows our minds to rest and relax for a while and find a little peace and comfort can have a notable effect on our mood.

Mushrooming tea shops rapidly like never before signify the glory of spending quality time together. Like humans, each place has its own story to tell, teach and transfer. And Ram Dai’s shop is not an exception.

This mini heaven was established a few years ago. Leaving the village and shifting in such an unknown town with uncertainty was challenging for Ram Dai.According to him, being unsure at work has made him think differently and critically.

And now he is here, happy and content.

The shop is inspiring customers towards a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle. It encourages them to slow down, pay attention and take pleasure in the small things in life.

Sitting down to a cup of tea is the perfect way to step back and enjoy life, moment by moment.

A tea shop as a public sphere brings people together with its exquisite sense of warmth and hospitality.

Served with a respectful heart, a cup of tea can satisfy the spiritual soul as well.