The game continues

Fear is heightened just at the mention of the garbage disposal site of Okharpauwa. That name is synonymous with many problems that the Kathmandu metropolis faced over time. Even today there is always a fear that garbage might start piling up in the city if something goes wrong with the deal that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) had struck with the Okharpauwa residents. A sort of repeat performance, though on a miniature scale, took place for a while on Wednesday when the garbage dumping at the site was obstructed. But, bargaining afresh on borrowed time averted a full-fledged obstruction. Maybe, it was lucky this time that the KMC got to work at once by pledging Rs. 200,000 for a drinking water project in the place.

A temporary reprieve has come about. Unless the other pledges for road and electricity projects take the implementation route, it won’t be long before the same old story of garbage lining up every street would be the landscape for this metropolis. Why do commitments come so easily but fulfillment remain a fairy tale? It looks like it’s our way of donning the robe of an escapist!