I like pink. And I am a man. Many might find these two sentences paradoxical. Or they might say pink colour and men do not go well. But liking for a particular colour, I don’t think, has got to do with one’s gender.

Pink, to me, is pleasant to look at. And deep inside, pink fills me with positive energy. Perhaps this is why, among many other reasons, I might have got my living room’s wall painted pink.

But quite often when someone enters the room, the first expression is like: “Pink? Isn’t it a bit girlish?” I wonder from where such statements emanate.

I remember my childhood days when I was made an object of ridicule for carrying a pink bag to my school. People tend to associate colours with gender. That particular event also made me think pink is something that is associated with girls and women. I don’t feel that way anymore.

But the perception continues. Many boys and men might still like pink but they stop short of saying it; or they will rather not go for a pink shirt or T-shirt.

Even there is a tendency among men to think when they see a pink sign at a bar or a shopping mall that they should not enter as “they are meant for girls”. They may consider that colour as a sign of “no entry”. This is a complete myth as a matter of fact.

What is interesting is “pink is a feminine colour” is only a recent phenomenon. It is believed that in the beginning of the 20th century, pink was associated with boys and blue with girls. Why the opposite became the new phenomenon is not clear though.

It’s ridiculous that people associate colours with gender.

But cultural norms, it is believed, also may shape colour preferences. When a male child is ridiculed for wearing something pink, he might start thinking the colour is set aside for girls only. And they may start avoiding that colour. This, however, does not have any set scientific premise.

And as we grow up, we tend to shape our colour preferences accordingly, based on what we have seen and heard. Setting aside colours based on gender is an outright sexism.

Every individual has the right to choose the colour of his/ her preference. So, there is nothing wrong for a man to like pink, or any other colour for that matter. Same is with women.

But colours, it seems, tend to influence our behaviour much more than we actually realise.