THT 10 years ago: OHCHR report blames forces for April deaths

Kathmandu, September 21, 2006

An OHCHR report that documents the events of the movement for democracy in April, including 15 detailed case studies, particularly focusing on deaths, which occurred in the context of demonstrations, has blamed the security agencies for deaths and serious injury to demonstrators and other civilians.

The report is based on OHCHR-Nepal’s investigations and monitoring of the 19-day movement. David Jonson, Officer-in-Charge of OHCHR in Nepal, while presenting the report titled ‘The April Protests: Democratic Rights and the Excessive Use of Force’ here today, made this observation.

“It was clear from statements in the days leading up to April that the government of that time was determined to stop the planned Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) strike and protests from going ahead,” said Jonson.

The Nepal Police, the Armed Police Force and the Royal Nepalese Army, as it was then known, were responsible for deaths and serious injury of demonstrators and other civilians through the excessive use of force, he said.

Lauding the new government for setting up the High Level Commission of Inquiry, he said OHCHR-Nepal has submitted the report to the Commission.

He demanded that security personnel responsible for using or ordering excessive force be held accountable for their actions.

ANNISU-R to lead last push for republic: Neupane

The student wing of the CPN-Maoist, All Nepal National Independent Students Union - Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), today announced it will lead the last battle to establish a republican Nepal.

Addressing the concluding ceremony of the ANNISU-R’s 17th national conference, the union president Lekhnath Neupane said the meeting has unanimously decided to flag off the last rebellion through street protests, soon.

Neupane said the conference has also decided to end privatisation of education. “The meeting of the central committee to be held soon would come up with programmes to end privatisation in education,” he said. He also said the Janabadi education would be practiced throughout the nation.

The conference has also appealed the CPN-Maoist not to lay down arms and dismiss the Peoples Liberation Army unless political settlement is completed.

The conference has also demanded that US ambassador to Nepal, James F Moriarty should leave the nation because he has been meddling in Nepali politics.

“Right to rebel is the most important human right of any people,” Neupane said, adding that the Nepali media has been creating a false impression by saying that children have been used in the people’s war.