Time and life

What is it like not being who you are, not acting like you normally are; not for a day or a few days but for weeks, months and years? Pity, painful, yes it is; dropped in the depth of illusion that’s what it feels like.

The dogma and realism of life haunts you and tries to tear you apart until you fall down like a corpse and yes you

guessed it wrong it still isn’t over yet. Time and life has a good rivalry in between them and the latter always finds itself on the losing side.

Time can play with life anytime but life can`t twist a twig of the almighty time even it wants to. Organizing this transition of life within this short period is very hard and those who do are very happy; as simple as it is.

This creates a phase of distortion in you, not being who you really are, trying to cosplay others and copying the so-called realistic behaviors of the modern society.

A society designed for people who are good at being not who they really are and acting like fools every day.

The same act of completing the 24 hours of time doing the same thing following the same order sequentially just to start the following day for doing the same thing. This can’t be the life you imagined when you were a little kid, this can’t be the you, you saw some ten years ago.

These are all the illusions and boundaries of modern society you get bound by as you grow up. Living in the real world with unreal persona.

Gazing from the glass prison we build for ourselves is what is going on with us today. People who stare at the moon and stars at night are called crazy, who climb peaks are called brave and who love to travel in jungles and love nature are called different in today’s world where people who earn a lot, have nice houses and vehicles are considered gentlemen.

Time has changed and so has the watch. Beautiful scenery of rainbows and gentle flowing rivers are ignored, views of mountains and forests are enjoyed in the screens of a few inches.

Such is this world today given the name 21st century where virtuality has swept reality and unreal has replaced real.

This whole phenomenon which has engulfed all of us, even me, is called Hippocratic Cosplay by the person who just finished this small piece of self-enlightening play of words.