Time is relative

Waking up early is always hard for everyone. This relative element of time waits for no one. Time, as stated by Einstein himself, is said to be relative. In fact, it is kind of philosophically looking at the human mind. For example, an hour spent doing something you like seems to go faster than an hour spent doing nothing.

Let’s get back to the morning.

It’s 5 o’clock, and you hastily make your way to the kitchen.

Classes in the morning are always filled with students who aren’t completely awake. The teacher enters like an ember ready to spark joy in others.

But the relative element of time passes ever so slowly throughout the day with assignments and reports piling up. Time’s up, and we walk through the corridors into the open chaotic world.

The sun which has passed the zenith gives you such unfathomable amounts of heat that sweat starts dripping from your forehead. Your destination is near now, but the distance relative to you seems shorter as you walk the same path everyday.

You enter inside, and a cold chill of the air conditioner hits you on the face.

As you take off your bag, you realise how much work has piled up. Even though you are a student, there are certain things your family can’t afford, and just to cut the relative element of time you take to reach everywhere, you work here to save up for a two-wheeler.

The chief calls you just as you are checking in, and you show them the designs you’ve been working on. The clock starts ticking as you sit down, unzip the cover of your laptop and start stretching the small adjustments on the designs you’ve been working on.

Arguments, explanations, projects and finally time completes its journey throughout the day. It’s time to retire from the busy schedule, where sometimes this element of time runs slowly and sometimes quickly. As you fall on your bed you start to crave for the presence of someone. This is the point where you start to question this limited element of time that you’ve got in this world.

We all say that time is relative because time with a certain person seems to go much faster, but what happens when you haven’t felt those feelings for a long time? The loneliness in your hands are hard to kill. Our families are weird as we’ve been told only to focus on our studies and career throughout our life, but know that the time we have is precious.

The human mind is such that we sometimes perceive a flow that is steady and at other times one that is rapid. In my situation now, my time is steady, but maybe tomorrow, this hand will grip someone’s hand, and it will boost the relative speed of my element of time.