Times changed

I’m the first time traveller of the world. In fact, I’m the only one. But no one on earth knows. Nobody knows that 30 years ago on a dark wintry night, a man travelled back in time. But I still remember it as if it were just yesterday. “God”, I whispered in awe as I looked at my completed time machine. It sat peacefully on the hard laboratory floor, completely oblivious to its owner’s jubilation. “Time travel is risky”, I tried to convince myself for the third time that evening. But no matter what I said, I just had to try it out tonight. I couldn’t resist the temptation.

As of now, the time machine could only travel in the past.

But I had to be very careful as anything I did might change something crucial for the present to remain as it is. With this thought in mind, I rotated the dials till they were set on 1958 AD, stepped inside the small dome and then pressed the green switch. The whole machine began vibrating slowly, with a steady rhythm.

— crimsonwriter.wordpress.com