To all our Dads, Happy Father’s Day!

Yes, for most of us our Dads are our Heroes. An ordinary man who can don the cape of any superhero and more for his child. This Father’s Day, we wish to thank our fathers and the father figures in our lives who have always been a constant in our life. Your presence in our lives have made us better persons and this world a whole lot brighter. Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day, a wonderful day which signifies what a father really means to us. My father is a government officer who believes in working hard along with having a loyal attitude. He served as an officer for 21 years and he still is continuing his work with enthusiasm for the sake of my family. This makes me feel proud being his son.

After the devastating earthquake of April 25, he was supposed to visit us but he gave his duties and responsibilities priority. He went to various places to serve the people. He did not forget his responsibility towards his family though and called us time and again. Every call I received from my father was full of love, care and concern and I used to feel as if he was holding me on in his lap as he used to do when I was a child.

— Raman Karki, Nepaltar

My father is a simple person with minimal personal needs and is always caring about others. He even sacrificed his own pressing family needs to help others. In return for his selfless deeds, he was always rewarded by being cheated, humiliated and dishonoured by his close friends, colleagues and relatives. I have been frustrated with his benevolence and eternal kindness for others rather than his commitment expected towards his own family members. I was angry at him for accepting apologies from people for cheating and humiliating him. I so wished he returned the favours to these individuals by being rude. But he was too nice and he let them go. As I matured, I started realising his greatness and my shortcomings. To forgive with no malice or hatred who harmed us is a character I wish to learn from him. I pray to the Almighty that I learn to respect humanity as my father does and be strong to forgive people from the core of my heart. I wish my dear Father a long and happy life.

— Saikat Kumar Basu, Lethbridge, Canada

I celebrate Father’s Day by giving gifts to my father-in-law as my father, who was a senior government employee, is no more. I am the only daughter from my father’s side. He was an industrious person and aimed to write a book, but unfortunately he was unable to do so due to his untimely death. Credit goes to my parents for what I am today. I pray to God that my parents’ souls rest in peace in heaven.

It was my father who taught me not to believe in marriage. Sometimes I find it hard to believe because I am a married woman with a family and I cannot do without my family. The one trait I liked about my father was his way of thinking. He was a realistic person who followed Ram’s footsteps. He married once although my parents fought a lot. So I would like to salute him on this Father’s Day in order to honour him for giving me a happy childhood.

— Pratibha Bhandari

Every father has his own way of leading his child. Some have a positive attitude, while some have an aggressive one. My father has a positive character who taught me the importance of positive character in life. He is God’s gift who makes me independent and a good person at such an early age. I spend the maximum time with him by helping him in his business due to which I’m friendly with him. He believes that ‘good manners are not taught through formal teaching. They are acquired more by observation’. His friendly nature and independent thinking is the best trait which I would like to inculcate in my life.

— Kundan Raj Das, Kalaiya-06

Father’s Day serves as the most special way of expressing love and affection towards your father. Fathers have been our support, guide, inspiration, motivation and encouragement throughout our lives. We all have vivid memories of our childhood when our father used to teach us nursery rhymes and for hours sang with us and who can forget those bedtime stories? Our dad would take all the pain to make us smile and this shows being a father isn’t easy.

In recent years, the day typically involves giving gifts, cards, flowers and special dinners. Despite all these things, I would like to let my dad know that I’m really happy to have a dad like him. This day is all about recognising the gift of care and love from father to his children.

— Santosh Rijal, Balkhu, Kathmandu

Father’s Day is an enjoyable day and a great day to respect our fathers. Although Father’s Day is not celebrated in my culture, on this auspicious celebration, I would like to inculcate one of the best traits of my father — he never gets angry at us whatever be the reason. Instead of getting angry at my faults, he encourages me not to repeat those mistakes and forgives me. This trait never lets me feel down because some children are so scared of their father that they cannot put their views in front of him. I am thankful to God that I have such an inspirational person in my life who is always there to inspire me. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD.

— Shilpi Agrawal, Kalaiya-5

I’ve had a hard life but my hardships are nothing compared to my father’s. No matter how harsh the conditions, he never halted to give earnest advice to deal with unfavourable conditions. He is not only a parent, but also as a good leader, motivator, and a friend.

So Father’s Day is a significant occasion where everyone intends to deliver something new and exciting to honour and reveal the gratitude in the best possible way. But,I believe that the expensive gifts offered by his son and daughter aren’t the perfect and permanent source of honour and respect.

— Aayush Karki, Balaju, Nepaltar

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy’’.A good father makes all the difference in a child’s life. He’s the pillar of strength, support and discipline.

On Father’s Day, much of the world will take the time to appreciate the work of good fathers. Anyone can be a father. And, no one is perfect. A good father is someone who protects his child as much as he can by making sure the child is safe. Yet, he lets the child explore, fall and get up on his own.

— Bidyaaz, Kathmandu

Actions speak louder than words — my father taught me this since my childhood. He is the inspiration and motivation through all my ups and downs. We always have a great time together. He is my best friend. I have learned all the virtues from my father.

— Sushant Parajuli, Pokhara-2, Bindabasini

“When it’s not working, work harder,” he always said. He always taught me to speak up and stand up for who you are and what you believe in. He raised me to be unique and pursue my own dreams. Even though I wanted to roll my eyes when something wouldn’t work as planned, dad’s motivation encouraged me to work harder, which always pays off. Little things count and no one taught me that lesson more than my father. My father is always the one who I can go to. I love my father for his kind heart and his unconditional love and forgiveness. No one in this world has loved me more than my father.

Happy Father’s Day PAPA. I love you always.

— Arshiya Aryal, Sanepa, Lalitpur

My father is an inspiration. My father is doing very well in his life, he wants me to do the same on my own. He’s a very encouraging person and teaches me to be optimistic by accepting the failures to succeed. I learned to be loyal, humble, and confident from him. He is dutiful and always lives up to his words. He is an honourable person.

— Pawan Ram Lamichhane

Our father always comes home in the evening with either sweets or dry coconut for all four siblings. My father works in a shop and comes home late. Though we are all grown up, he still brings us sweets or coconut. And we desperately wait for this treat in the evening. That is the time when all of us become children again and demand one more sweet. While he distributes those sweets, he has that glitter of joy in his eyes. Asking for sweets with arms wide open and behaving like a child in front of him makes me think that to parents their children will always remain children regardless of the age. I don’t remember a day in my 26 years that I have slept without eating sweets brought by my dad. This trait of my daddy helps us forget all the worries of the day and have good sleep at night.

— Mira

He fulfils all my wishes and dreams like his. He struggled to give my brother and me a happy life. He was and is there in my every progress, happiness, and success. He helps me solve my problems. He loves me very much and so do I.

— Jaman Lama

My father has always been my role model. He has always been supportive of me and I will always admire him for the things he has done and I will always try to follow the path he has shown me.

My father is a responsible as well as determined person. He never loses hope and taught me the same. He has his own values of life and as far as I know I never have met anyone more faithful than him. He has always shown me the path of truth and honesty. Though many obstacles came in his life, he never gave up — he taught me the same spirit. He has always been loyal to everyone. He is really a hard working man and he never lets another man down. His words are his bond and he never tells a lie. My father never made any enemy, he insists that violence never solved any problems.

I will always admire him and will always try to be like him and I am proud to be his son.

— Kushal Phuyal, Bageshwori-7, Bhaktapur

I want to wish my papa, a very happy Father’s Day through this. I’m sure he will have a wide grin seeing this. As he is getting older, he is getting more sick. My papa is very special to me as he was and is with me in each and every step of my life supporting me, holding my hands and showing me the right path. I used have interest in classical dance and performed in annual functions in my school days. When my mother didn’t allow me to participate in it, my father used to encourage me to take part. With their blessings, I won different races too. I still remember the day when he told me after my SLC graduation, “Ansu, you’re my chhora, not a chhori; be a man and win the world.” His words have taken me far. Whatever I’m today, the credit goes to him. I cannot explain the pride I feel for having such a great father, a mentor, a pal.

— Ansu Shrestha, Butwal

We don’t need some specific day to show our love, care, and concern to our close ones to make them feel how special they are to us. I believe every single day is a new beginning to create beautiful memories to make it a special one. Like every other father, my father is also caring, loving, protective, and responsible towards me but what makes my father unique is his never say never attitude which is his best trait, which I would like to inculcate. Being a younger child at home I have always been pampered by my father as compared to my elder brother. No matter what, he always stands by my side supporting me.

More than sharing a father-daughter relation we are like friends, we share a good rapport, we share and discuss things with each other, we chat, we hang out, and coincidentally we share same zodiac sign as well.

My father plays different roles in my life. Firstly, he plays a role of a friend with whom I can share all my things including my daily routine and my secrets without any hesitation. He is my admirer who admires me for what I am today and believes in me for what I can achieve in the future. He is a teacher, a mentor, a guide who always taught me to walk on the right path keeping the positive attitude alive. He is very encouraging, motivating, which helps me to move on in life even when I feel low and start losing my confidence when things don’t go according to what I think.

I feel blessed to be your daughter and I know no matter how big I become I will always be your little princess. Thank you for everything. Happy Father’s Day buwa. You are the best.

— Tejaswi Pahari

There is one trait which I would like to inculcate in my life to honour my father this Father’s Day — his patience. He is a man with a temper, but he is always on his best behaviour. If I get angry like him, I don’t think I would be able to control myself like he does. Another trait that I want to inculcate is — he sent us to boarding school supporting mother’s decision. First he was angry with mother as we were not strong financially, but he managed everything essential to us. And today we are able to stand in this competitive world just because of our father’s effort supporting mother’s decision.

— Sangita Mijar, Nuwakot

My father has been a role model and inspiration since my childhood. He possesses an abundance of traits and I wish I could inculcate all those qualities in me. I yearn to walk the path he has walked with the same vibes and energy that he has. The most important trait is his selflessness and love towards his family, relatives and people in general. I have seen people calling on my father whenever they are in trouble whether it be financial, personal or social. He is generous and lends his helping hand to the needy. For me, every day is Father’s Day because I really admire what he has been doing for his family. It’s been 18 years that he has sacrificed his youth and family time working in an alien country for the sake of our happiness. I wish I could pay back the value of his sweat. His benevolent nature, tenacity, patience, selflessness, and love are some of the traits that I desire to inculcate in my life. You are the one who I love from my the core of my heart.

— Bhawana Bhandari, Traffick Chowk, Butwal-6

A father is always a significant role model in everyone’s lives. We admire, praise and worship our fathers. He is an exceptional person in our lives. My father he is a humble man. He inspires me all the time. When I was very young, his tricks would keep me spellbound. I still remember those tricks he used to project. Though, it was scary I watched them. It affected me so much that I began imagining my father as a superhero and the most powerful person in the world, who could do anything.

He has maintained the charm, still. When I am down with emotions and stress, he is there to accompany me. He always says, “Chhori I dream that you will do something different.” Such words are enough to re-energise me. I move forward keeping his inspirational words in my mind. Father, you never say ‘I love you chhori’, but I can imagine the depth of your love, which is simply incomparable. Bless me my father, so I can make your dreams come true. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

— Deepa Sapkota, Baniyani-3, Jhapa


Throughout a year, we celebrate a number of festivals and each festival has its own significance. But not all the practices of such celebrations are always practical, but you can’t stop following them because it has been practised for generations. Have you ever faced such a situation and how did you handle it? Explain with an example.

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