To watch

I read news report on astrologers in India predicting mayhem and chaos happening due to

the solar eclipse, and I could have sworn that we are back to the Dark Ages where natural phenomena somehow are supernatural events due to deliberate acts of God/s or the devil.

The problem is that any incident of any kind, whether big or small, will be used to justify the accuracy of such a prediction.

This is because when you make a prediction that is VAGUE enough, something that science can't get away with to be considered to be valid, then you have enough of a wiggle room to fit anything in it. You are also inviting some crazy nut to actually commit something on that day simply to fulfill the prophecy.

Still, I want to see evidence that food becomes inedible and water undrinkable during the eclipse.

If this is false, then someone needs to bring these astrologers to task for the lies. But, that's not going to happen, is it?