TOPICS: Civic education

In the present situation many of us feel the need of civic education. Of course, as time passes a society keeps on changing.

Many things influence the minds of people such as social environment, food, television, computer, internet, books, company and so on. Nowadays, we can see a kind of social degradation among people.

Many of the matured people don’t behave as per their age and maturity.

They are involved in various kinds of social deviation. They have become corrupt in different aspects and don’t deserve to teach good moral behavior to their children or family members.

There is no cordial relationship between friends,relatives, and others. It means we are in the dire need of civic education.

At present, schools and colleges don’t have curriculum to focus on civic education. They only emphasize on subjects like mathematics, science, English, computer etc. and don’t consider civic education as one of the important subjects to enhance ones moral behavior without which a society can’t be ethical.

On the other hand, the indifferent attitude of parents towards their wards is also appalling. Today most of the parents have no time take care of their children. It has also added problems in the moral decline.

This century is the century of science, technology and hi-tech facilities. Society has been enjoying luxurious and democratic rights base procession and it has been suffering from various problems such as conflicts, egoism, self-centrism, misunderstanding and so on.

Moreover, our academic institutions have been suffering adversely in terms of discipline and friendly educational environment.

Today’s children are smarter in many ways, such as working on computer, mobile, video games and so on. But in terms of quality, practical and moral education, we find them lagging behind for this various organisations can organise short-term programmes on civic education.

Such programmes can help students inculcate civic sense and moral values.

It is not only useful for children or students but also for parents who bear more responsibilities towards family, society as well as the country.

Teaching the values of civic and moral education at schools and colleges, parents’ role to nurture good manners in their wards and various social trainings on civic education would bring desired changes.