TOPICS: Dashed hopes

As it comes along the annual cycle, Dashain the most ceremonious festival has got into every door step of Hindu territory, nevertheless, everyone interested irrespective of caste, culture and religion may celebrate it as the mega carnival of unity, harmony and fraternity around the world.

The scorching sun feels gradually pacifying welcoming the onset of winter breeze, the tender offshoots of marigold and jasmine gradually panning out, markets and shopping malls introducing abundant of wears of numerous hues, hordes of folks hurrying up to manage to escape from the urban, colorful advertisements in the national dailies offering attractive bumpers and bonanzas ring the bell of the arrival of Dashain.

The festive charm enforces everyone to feel gaiety, enjoy and express, go back to the country with something special and make the brief season of the year memorable.

Those from distant go far out with a package of achievement and some happiness, warmth and togetherness, dreams and hopes worth giving to the old grand lots and parents who keep on waiting for their wards and grown-ups to come home early.

The package would best summarize their painful struggle and progress which they want to share with the consensual and childhood pals around.

Going home with the news of national development, on the top, provides the greatest contentment to the folks and raptures in the villages. Yes, if the people are happy, if the mountains, hills and plains unite and stay strong, if every village, house, face and Traveler’s Rest is happy, the whole nation smiles - the smile of pride, peace and prosperity.

But the prolonged transitional, selfish, and in-turn-nation-looting politics have frustrated all the Nepalese.

Since the whole nation is suffering from the cancer of corruption, the lack of basic needs yet to be lived up to, tragedy has taken away the loved ones, likely danger has harassed many hearts, the country is grieving and mourning.

How can the countrymen enjoy concentrating on self? Like the corrupt and traitors, ‘the wretch’ in a veteran Scottish poet Walter Scott’s term in his poem ‘patriotism’ engross in self-complacency and felicity as if fully contented looting the blood, toil, sweat and tears of the people.

However, the rest wishing that they could mingle Tika and Jamara with national happiness, celebrate Dashain in a happy home. Happy Dashain!