TOPICS: Domains of happiness

A question in my mind is how our ancestors were and how we are today. The change seems obvious.

It is perhaps due to “innovation”. The question arises, “Is innovation the sole owner of change?” The answer is around us.

If we compare ourselves with our ancestors on how we travel, where we live, what we eat, how we get information, how we earn, how we cultivate, what we use during illness, how far we fly helps to define it.

A question always harshly pinches me while comparing. How many children did my granny give birth to and how many survived. She gave birth till her fertility irrespective of number. I am born alone.

The change, in fact, has become possible due to innovation. Therefore, innovation is regarded as the genesis of human civilization. Innovation has drastically uplifted life, and we are enjoying the present form of civilization.

The process of civilization begins with that prehistoric day when humans used fire in a controlled manner. Controlled use of fire was followed by the innovation of domestication of animals and supplemented by innovation of agriculture.

Agriculture resulted in the innovation of industrialization facilitating innovation in the information era.

It is not essential to have theoretical exposure to feel happiness. Everyone experiences happiness. In the early days of my childhood, I remember, my father bought a plane toy for me, which made me immensely happy.

This toy was highly sophisticated and similar to that of a plane but couldn’t take off. Later on when I got a school bag with a tiffin box, I became happy. With the varieties of contents in the tiffin box, the barometer of happiness used to rise and fall.

During an anniversary program in school a lottery entitled me to a carton of noodle, which made me extremely happy. I didn’t let even my parents to touch it and carried it home alone.

However, nowadays I cannot be happy with such incidents.

From these evidences, what I generalize is the nature of happiness changes over time. How I used to enjoy happiness on an occasion does not ensure the same degree of happiness in the other.

Perhaps the domains of happiness are different which emerge differently even from the same niche.

The happiness coming from the influence of materialism begins to fade whereas the happiness sprung from sacrifice of sensual gratification with the experience of divine light gives rise to eternal truth-consciousness-bliss.