TOPICS: Education in Nepal

Education is one of the fundamental infrastructures of development. Education is a privilege that a state must guarantee to its citizen. The importance of education is common to every country whether underdeveloped or developed.

The world experiences heightened need of knowledge. It  is essential  to realize and invest in education for better development opportunities in the future. To some extent, Nepalese seem to be ignorant in this regard and have been losing the benefits from being educated. And those availing education face various flaws.

The accessibility of education in Nepal primarily depends upon affordability of the parents.

Under privileged students go to community school having a poor quality whereas, parents who can afford send their children to schools that provide relatively higher quality education.

Consequently, the vicious circle of poverty never ends due to lost opportunities and poor evaluation of under privileged students.

Nepalese education system focuses mainly on theoretical concept rather than practical implication. Subjects to study are many but their application is of little value mainly due to the developing political and economic condition of Nepal.

The lessons we study was once studied by our parent too, that makes us wonder why education in Nepal does not change with  time.  There is a serious need to reform the curriculum.

The students focus on passing exams   than gaining knowledge ignoring the need of having education in the first place.  The main reason for this is the system of evaluating the students’ knowledge.

Yes, ranking students in numbers on the basis of three hours experiments exams are corrupting the quality of education. It is unfair how hundred plus days of studies are tested in a mere of three hours. The evaluation model needs to be changed.

The content to study in the changing world and aptitude to meet competition are changing simultaneously. We satisfy ourselves by looking at the increasing literacy rate but is this a  reason to be happy?

The need of today is to remain above literacy and up to a benchmark as we are backward. The importance to meet the standard has been witnessed by most. As a result, Nepal’s education system is slowly taking its turn for the better.

The reform in evaluating primary and secondary schooling, introduction of various subjects and passage of various educational legislation may overcome some of the flaws.