There is a paradox between the two antipodal opinions whether to believe in traditionalism or modernism.

Some people are ethnocentric in old traditions and believe they think that the modern and liberal doctrines have no other uses except destroying their original culture.

Modernization doesn’t only deal with remoulding an old cultural practice into a new way. It also deals with the transformation of a way of thinking, behavior and thoughts. At this time the psychological struggle between older generation and newer generation has been creating chaos in the family, society and the nation itself.

A larger mass of older generation thinks that the modern and liberal thoughts are not good for the society. Modernists, a majorly who come from newer generation, expect freedom to keep their opinions and views in front of the elders.

But this liberty is not accepted by traditionalists. New thoughts and views are not accepted by them. This practice is prevalent in an educated family too. We are not able to make our own decision be it the decision on a career or on a life partner.

So, what is the use of getting educated if you don’t have freedom of expression? It will be the same as a butcher fighting for animal rights.

The older generation believes that new generation doesn’t have that much experience to take the decision themselves. Hence, the newer generations remain limited to the supervision, decision and permission of their elders.

It is expected that we must treat elders by keeping their position above ourselves and must speak respectfully and words of agreement to them. This trend will make it difficult for us to express our discontent over the unfavorable decisions.

This sort of tradition develops young people into what adults want and hence their judgmental capacity is based on their supervisors. They will be like a blank sheet of paper in which their elders write.

A majority of newer generation people have liberal thoughts. Families with liberal thoughts share their problems and feelings with each other. Members in such families treat their elders as friends. They are independent because elder members don’t dictate their decisions.

There will not be any mental pressure as they will share their problem and can get the support of their family members in every step of their life.

Yes, today’s young people are not fully experienced in the ways of the world.