TOPICS: Going haywire in the metropolis

While exiting from home, the first thing that intrigues one is the murky haze of dust that either a Pulsar or taxi blows off as it whizzes past. Dresses go haywire. To rush to the bus stop notwithstanding, avoiding fuss is more practical.

Myriad of vehicles ply slowly with constant halts as the road is not spacious enough and the long acute traffic jam stands ahead.

Moreover, comes a queue of motorbikes just in a jiffy paving the way through blowing their horn hysterically that tears the ear-drums and wrenches the nerves. Din and dust, emitted smoke, malodor of wastage and sewerage, crowds of commoners all at a time is enough to frustrate any sane being.

Despite the mammoth flow of

vehicles, not a single one arrives

without suffocating the jam-packed folks, squeezing pell-mell and


Every month scores of new vehicles are deployed though the number is always meager and the comfort in transportation is a bare happenstance. Dangling out the door like other, the hands and legs soon get fagged. Summer stuffiness, dust smears and volcano erupts triggering the onset of nausea and throw-ups.

Public vehicles move haltingly. The driver is always rude, competitive, aggressive and hardened to other drivers and even to the passengers. The khalasi normally is a young boy; sports freaky and pigmented hair-dos, weaves an ear-ring and puffs cigarette. Just talk to him! He brags a

sheer bravado; so rude and vicious! May be some day they learn to be

cultured and professional. Stuffy

and exasperating travel to and fro and elsewhere, stresses and exhaustion as such that judges the zenith of patience and endurance.

Amid the severe times of political quagmire, the strain of tormenting transportation has doubled the suffering and has shed civility and alacrity from the capital’s lifestyle.

Our politicos, who simmer with lucrative ride in fancy Prados, dwell in grand mansions and flood dreamy speeches.

They never get hit by the cacophony of grievances and pain of the panic-stricken people. Left in the lurch, albeit, hoping to be rescued from this all round torturous turmoil, faith still survives out of catharsis.