TOPICS: Guiding students

Why are today’s students uninterested in their studies? Why do they exhibit bad behaviour? It has kept one and all in the cage of great concern, including schools and parents.

There are multiple reasons. Firstly, education, at present, is viewed from the viewpoint of accumulation of wealth, not of compilation of knowledge, good manners, ethics and responsibilities. Students are fuelled to run after success; incited to resort to unfair activities in exams.

Moreover, students are being engineered to become a man of success, not a man of value. Secondly, students are unable to balance their mind and body. The mind is our remote control. How students balance their mind and body indicates what and how children learn both at school and home.

Thirdly, we are in the 21st century yet our teaching pedagogy, assessment evaluation system, classroom setting are like that of the 15th century.

Parents and teachers’ roles are seminal in moulding students’ character and future. So guiding them towards the path of wisdom in a pleasant way is the first and foremost step.

Speaking from past and present experience, the education system keeps a plethora of room for reformation to kindle students’ interest in their studies—classroom setting, teaching pedagogy, assessment evaluation system, digitization and so on which avert students, to a degree, from being dull, passive and listless.

A school should not be a collection centre of certificates. It should be like a lab where students can experiment, experience and express. Every child is special in one way or the other. Every student wants to leave a positive vibe amongst his friends and at school through talents and skills.

As the hunger of the body includes food and water, similarly, the hunger of mind includes art, music and literature. So, we should encourage our students to cultivate delicate and fertile minds for creative work be it academic or non-academic. Art and literature incorporates body and mind, instill

a positive look towards learning, life and the world. Like a daily glass of milk is recommended for strengthening the bone of a child, similarly, a daily dose of affirmation is needed for the students’ mental enhancement.

Counselling classes should be included in schools for students to know the true meaning of education, discipline, ethics, responsibilities, etiquette and civility.