TOPICS: Musings on beauty

We sometimes dream of situations that can’t possibly come true. I audaciously imagine, for example, that I get an opportunity to chat with John Keats. I would bow very deeply before him, because he is, after all, one of the greatest poets, for me at least. That done, I would grab his hand

and softly murmur in his ears, “The thing of beauty is a joy for ever’”: that’s what you wrote, Keats. But Keats, I’d liked to ask you what beauty is?

Is beauty a thing?

I would have further elaborated,

“A thing of beauty isn’t a joy forever to me. I’ve never seen beauty dancing with the eternity.” I know after hearing me he would have smiled at my

intellectual impotency but that wouldn’t have stopped me from doubting his audacity.

Call me mad, call me ignorant, and call me whatever you want, but one thing is sure: I’m not perplexed by the ecstasy of beauty. For I know that it is not as beautiful as they think it is. I look at the world and ponder over the phenotype of beauty. Beauty is not beauty, it is yet to be. Furthermore, no elucidation of the beauty is possible. If only beauty could speak, then I’d perhaps know what beauty is.

I’ve got my own world to live in — the world of generosity. Have you

ever seen the sky running after the clouds? Have you ever seen the flowers running after their fragrances? A thing of beauty isn’t a joy forever to me.

To me, even a thorn looks as beautiful as the rose.

Beauty doesn’t mean the same thing to every person. It means many things to many different people. For many it won’t mean anything, it never has and it never will. However, this doesn’t mean that it can be written off as something that doesn’t matter now that we are here in the 21st century - in the world’s newest republic.

We often get confused as to what beauty should be and shouldn’t be. We try to force rules that don’t really apply onto it. Can we argue rationally about whether something is beautiful? What is beauty, anyway? And if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the earth has billion beholders, what is beauty then? Can we measure beauty? Of course, we can’t. The starting point of feeling really beautiful is often a simple indulgence, a treat to yourself that gives you a lift, be it through your work, a social contribution or your message of love and peace.