TOPICS: No laughing matter

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made the headlines for his satirical remarks even before he became the PM. But his ambiguous ideas have become more vibrant since he became the Prime Minister.

The country was in severe fuel crisis when he said he would supply cooking gas through a pipe to Nepali kitchens. The supply of cooking gas and petroleum was affected by the blockade of the southern borders.

While he was announcing producing electricity by utilizing possible wind energy, NEA announced power cuts up to 12 hours a day. Recently, he said that Nepal would have its own ships on the high seas.

PM’s ideas may seem far-fetched now but might come true in the future. His ideas or dreams, whatever one would like to call them, are very close to reality and achievable.

The transformation in technological advancement has impacted the world. Things that seemed impossible a decade or century ago have become realities.

In this context, when the majority of earthquake victims are in tents still and the government is failing to provide relief materials to the concerned, PM’s ideas of high speed trains, owning ships etc may seem ambiguous.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong if a Prime Minister dreams of prosperity and development. Not a single government has been stable ever since 2046 BS. Twenty seven Prime Ministers came and went.

Neither the Melamchi came, nor was prosperity realized.

As per the report of the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), 2008 under the Solar & Wind Energy Resource Assessment in Nepal (SWERA), the commercial potential of solar power for grid connection is 2,100 MW.

The theoretical water and wind potential has been estimated at about 83000 MW and 200 MW respectively.

Having tremendous amount of electricity generating water, solar and wind resources, Nepal could be load shedding-free in no time if necessary development measures are taken regarding policy making as well as infrastructure building in the hydropower sector.

So, the idea of being load shedding free is pragmatic and logical.

PM’s ideas are no laughing matter. His vision and ideas to some extent seem feasible; however, the government must respond with agility. Only talking and dreaming is not good enough.

In addition, political stability is a must. Until and unless political stability is established sustainable development cannot be imagined.