TOPICS: Old age inevitable

The tragedy of old age isn’t the great number of years but the solitude. There is a saying, “Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”

Nowadays, there is a large population of ageing people who are neglected by society. The worst part is when they are disregarded by those who are expected to take care of them.

One can imagine how it feels when one is abandoned by one’s family at a time when they are really in need of them.

In our society, there are many old people who are neglected by their families. So they are bound to live in senior homes where they have no relatives to visit them.

Nowadays, many people prefer nuclear families. Consequently, they have no space for old people, and they leave them in old age homes.

Those with children find it difficult to maintain their bonds with their families as they are more involved with their spouses and kids. Moreover, people become vulnerable and prone to diseases in old age, and this is the period when they really need to be cared for.

Unfortunately, people find it difficult to give them such care. In old age homes, many women are widows and a large number of them have no relatives to visit them. Even old people living with their families live a life of solitude.

Most of the family members are busy in their work. If not, they immerse themselves in the virtual world through modern technology.

They spend most of their spare time on the internet. So, old people have no one with whom they can share their old stories, ideas, experiences and disappointments thrown up by life. And they confine themselves in a lonely place.

Some even choose to live in old age homes of their own accord.

Some are forced to leave their homes due to various illnesses. The young generation has the power to remind old people that they are appreciated, that they aren’t a burden. They have lived a long life, and they can teach us many worthwhile things through their experiences.

Some get irritated by the stubbornness of old people and their unnecessary interference. But we don’t even take the time to understand them.

People forget the contributions made by their parents when they were children and abandon them when they are old and weak. There is a void between both ends of the age spectrum, and if the young generation doesn’t work to fill it, there will be a never-ending cycle of indifference.

Old people aren’t a burden, they are a blessing. They need our time, care, love and affection. They can correct us in many ways when we make mistakes.

Unfortunately, we have no time to listen to them. Age and time are inescapable, and we should know that we will be of their age one day.