TOPICS: Ordeals of pedestrians

Kathmandu is one of the most crowded cities of the world as we know. People from all over the country have flooded into this small city due to several factors.

Eventually, you will have to struggle a lot if you wish to walk in the city.

Let me convey to you an incident I experienced recently. I was walking through the Maitidevi bridge on one fine evening.

I was hit on my right eye by an umbrella carried by a woman. It was not sunny as it was already around at six in the evening. But still she was carrying an umbrella high in order to block the rays coming from the sun.

After poking me on the eye, she even did not bother to say sorry. She did not care to look at me to see whether I was injured or not.

This kind of incident happens every day for pedestrians inside this city.

A lot more can happen than this. Herds of people block your way by talking and playing on the pavements. Pavements are not the place to talk and play. But who will tell this to the denizens of Kathmandu?

Even when you say to make way, most people appear not to care. And ‘you cannot fight every dog on your way if you want to go high,’ Sir Winston Churchill said correctly.

You are late for your work and you cannot argue with people loitering on the pavements.

Another major problem is encountered by commuters in this time of the monsoon. As we know, Kathmandu’s waste outlets are not well engineered.

That means if little rain pours, every part of the road is covered with mud and water. Cars and bikes will mercilessly drive and splash the pedestrians with mud and water.

They don’t feel responsible at all, which should not be the case. You will end up getting your new clothes full of mud and dirt.

However, there are many benefits of walking as well. Public transport is not so reliable in Kathmandu. Let’s not talk about how crowded they are! Since Kathmandu is a small city, you can reach any place on foot.

Being fit and healthy is another benefit of walking. But you should never forget to wear masks while walking. Lots of construction works are ongoing inside different parts of the city.

In fact, they mostly take place more when it is time for a new fiscal year so that the budget is used and those involved in the construction works pocket their ‘share’ of money without qualms.

I have also seen many renowned personalities walking in many parts of the city. Benefits of walking overshadow sorrows.

Walking keeps you active and healthy as well.