TOPICS: Personality vibes

Do clothes enhance our personality? Is personality associated with clothes? First, we wear clothes to give a distinct touch to us than other living creatures.

Second, we wear clothes to shield us from extreme weather. Personality is a patterned body of habits, traits, attitudes and ideas of an individual as these are organized externally into roles and statuses and as they relate internally to motivation, goals and various aspects of selfhood.

Also, personality is a positive vibe, an immortality or persistence which drives a large section of people into creative works. Personality doesn’t reflect in clothes. A saying says clothes can’t make a man. People, however, are more obsessed with color, designing, complexion than the inner potentiality one possesses.

As a teacher, for instance, my personality mirrors my knowledge and my guidance to students, teaching style and so on, not in my wearing gears.

In well developed countries, appearance and marriages are given least importance. They sell their youth in creative work, invent new things and influence an individual, a society and the world. Personality is not short-lived, like an item of gear that becomes outdated as time rolls on and trends vary.

It remains long lasting and promotes overall development of an individual, a society and the nation. People here are viewed from their outer appearance. Large bodies, dressing trendy gears are thought to be indicative of a personality.

While appointing candidates for any organization, candidates are often evaluated from their appearance. But such concise mindsets stop visionary personnel from being involved in promoting an organization though they deserve to do so.

We humans are ill-equipped and defenseless compared to other creatures. We can’t fly like a bird. We can’t swim like a fish. But the only one last weapon we have is our rationality. Unless we value our rationality, the promotion and development of an individual in any organization is unlikely.

For instance, a non-violence fighter, Mahatma Gandhi had chased away the well- armed British from Indian territory not because of the clothes he wore but by his rationality which was his personality.

A sad point is that in our country, persons having well-built bodies and good looks are likely to be forwarded and promoted to leading posts, shadowing visionary persons. It keeps on going because we still believe that all that glitters is gold.