TOPICS: Respect the elderly

Old age should not be considered an age of inactivity. Grandparents can look after the kids in a much better way than the young parents who have little time to spare.

Pressures of modern living have given birth to nuclear families, but disadvantages outweighs the comforts and freedom of life with minimum responsibilities. The concept of family is as old as the civilization itself.

It was considered indispensable for the health and happiness of a civilized society. No relationship can be as intimate and fulfilling as in a family. A family acts as a complete security check to the family and to the grandchildren whose parents were working.

In case of illness or disaster, the family proves a sheet anchor of comport. When a man is very ill, battling for life, it is the wife-even as estranged one-who performs the duty for nursing better than any professional of other paramedical staff.

Sociologists have found that even an unlettered mother with her naturally over-flowing love and affection brings up children much better than any professional agency.

Nuclear family mode brings a dream world where there are minimum restrictions on women folk and complete freedom for every individual to grow the way s/he wants to. Unlike today, earlier nobody could think of a divorce, which is on the rise at an alarming rate.

The family was stable till the time a woman remained a house wife and was content with her lot. She gave her best to the family. But with the growing demands of modern standards of living, single-hand earning has become less sustaining. And once the woman steps out, she does not want to play second fiddle.

The relations in a nuclear family are often acrimonious in the absence of the warmth in the relationships. Old parents have been marginalized. They are considered to have lived out there life. But the facts speak otherwise. Old age should not be considered an age of inactivity. They are more experienced in worldly wisdom.

But slowly things are changing. People are realizing the value of a joint family system. Western society which experienced nuclear fragmented family is now turning toward joint families.

Respecting their wisdom, knowledge, grace and fortitude should come as a second nature to younger generations but it isn’t always the case.

They should always be respected like you want them to respect you.