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Getting the daily dose of the daily news is a wonderful experience for those on the move. Now this is the basic notion why some amount of uplifting news is necessary. With an incessant supply of those depressing information, the daily grind of those who have to sweat it out becomes all the more burdened. It is a mere repetition of the firm belief that the healthy state of mind dictates the healthy body.

Well, one just imagines the cost of flicking through the disheartening prints and the audio-visual material through the TV, no iota of renewed

energy can germinate to make the day worth its weight in whatever we can think of.

If that's what life really is made up of then it becomes an impossible task to get things right on course.

The ingenuity of man has always been at the forefront to try to bring pleasure and happiness rushing to the dweller's door. But, a pessimistic tone emerges with everything from the results to expectations going awry all because of someone else. Once others fall for the trap then it's time for celebration which, unfortunately, is

all too short-lived.

If you can play a prank the others too have their own trick to get you down and out. So it's all a two-way game where each side is bent on outdoing the other. That is what popularly referred to as conflict. And, mind you, conflict is what is seminal in the developments that we may aspire for. Of course, some thrusts have a tendency to go haywire all because of too many cooks involved in the preparation of the gastronomical delight.

As cooks are, arriving at the common recipe is not an easy one.

The ego factor doesn't let one be beaten by the other. When this happens then the supposedly meal of a lifetime bites the dust raising questions of the might chefs playing the game. The consensus part is but for the rhetoric that is for public consumption.

The ingredients and pots and pans may be the right ones but the hands are too busy tinkering rather than in balancing out the show. There we're then for the idea

for making a fresh start possibly with another round of negotiations and then an agreement. And so it continues unabshedly to creating the so many avoidable misfortunes that get reported.