Travails of TU are many: excessive political regimentation is one of them.

It is an open secret that, though the law of the land forbids, all the executive posts from campus chief to vice-chancellor are taken over by the ones who are members of the sister organizations of NC, UML and CPN (MC).

The real and the virtuous academics cannot become top executive heads because they cannot serve their ulterior motives.

The incumbent VC, Rector, Registrar, Deans and others are firebrands of NC, UML and CPN (MC) with their agents arrayed in campuses across the country.

These agents recommend the names of campus chiefs, assistant campus chiefs, students’ welfare chiefs, coordinators and others. Some of the teachers have their own private parallel campuses, and the same are the executive heads in constituent campuses, thanks to the protection given them by their appointing authorities themselves.

Such activities have stigmatized the university, and it has greatly ceased to be a temple of the intelligentsia dedicated to producing skilled manpower.

It is an irony to call TU an autonomous body. Most of the teachers are the henchmen of their political leaders who are their mentors and they fill the high posts with their help.

Political allegiance is more important than their intellect; amassing degrees by hook or by crook is more rewarding than their meaningful learning acquired through hard labour.

Association with political parties has become a ladder for ensuring permanent status and promotion. There was undoubtedly discrimination during Panchayat Era, but it was not as severe as it is now.

You have no option other than becoming a member of one of the sister organizations, apart from oiling the authorities’ hands and demeaning yourself to avail opportunities.

All the year round, TU conducts written and practical exams, and you will not like to lose the chance to become the examiner, scrutinizer, superintendent, practical external and many more.

So, though unwilling, you become a member of one of the sister organizations because you have to rear a family. 36.6% constituent campuses fall to the share of NC, 33.3% to UML and the rest to CPN (MC).

A modern day campus chief is not like the one in the past who depended only on his/her allowance.

Besides exploiting other sources, he/she can take commissions from thesis writings with knowledge of the TU authorities.