TOPICS: School fever

Again time has come for private boarding schools to draw more students in their organizations.

Publicity of a school is done via electronic, social networking sites to printed media. Parents rush searching for a good school for their wards. So, a crucial question is: what is the measuring rod for a good school?

A large section of parents, nowadays, weigh schools in terms of physical component. They believe that well- built infrastructure of a school ensures quality education. One principal says, ”Parents long to have their children’s school like a five star hotel, nowadays.”

Parents pay less attention to what and how their children are taught at schools, but on how big a school should their children go to. But they don’t know a lifeless huge building does not hold any meaning in imparting education. But teachers are the real agents for filling the feelings of a school.

And teachers can mould, steer a student and also change the face of an organization and the nation. If teachers are well paid, high career growth is provided with working ambiance, they are likely to work with sincere dedication, and good results naturally follow.

The most lucrative business, nowadays, is education.

There are higher chances of charging fees to students under different headings to maintain the schools’ rules and regulations. Teachers can be easily exploited.

Of late, private boarding schools are on the rise. Political leaders to renowned entrepreneurs are also involved trading in the education sector.

But the concerned authority is mum about bringing private boarding schools under the ambit of the law. Parents are forced to pay hiked tuition fee every year. Education, which is said to be our third eye and a yardstick of development, seems to be out of reach for low income people.

A school is not made of brick, cement and steel; it is made of wisdom and knowledge.

So, for parents searching for a good school for their children, certain major questions should be borne in their mind: First of all, is the school committed to safeguard and promote students through different activities?

Similarly, do students feel secure at school from physical and mental harassment? Is there any updated teaching and learning environment along with earthquake resistant buildings?

The most uncompromising key aspect of a school are teachers.