TOPICS-Simians, canines and stunts

Stands a huge golden idol of Buddha preaching the ideals truth, kindness, peace and non-violence, at the main entry to Swayambhu.

Peace loving populace regard

him greatly. As the world is still witnessing bloodshed, Buddha’s ideals weigh tremendously everywhere, every time, forever. Better we ponder for a while. How earnestly have

we realized in the pragmatics to consolidate his ideals?

Well, getting into the premises

of Swayambhu, the next but

interesting and unavoidable facet

we acquaint ourselves with is the

myriad of monkeys.

Having seen this dude entering their world of emancipation, as if this

creature is an extra-terrestrial

one, they lay a quick, skeptic and coarse look, sensing the danger of interference. Their observation has another attribute that they turn out to be mild and friendly if the new comers are hanging baggages. Most often they sound ravenous, harshing and crazy.

Having come across that all, arriving at the temple atop the hill, I grasp

the panoramic view of white, immaculate mountains to the north, divined topography and landscapes of

the valley around and densely unmanaged, largest urban centre of Nepal, crammed with numerous houses -reflects how stuffy the capital city

is we are living in.

Moving onto the courtyard, I spot an amazing sight: bulk of tourists congregating and inspecting intently a horrible skirmish of some giant simians and canines out there.

Flexing their muscles, they square up irately, gaze at each other with warring grin of sheer pride and animosity, dart fiercely, scratch and try to drive each other away. That they go berserk and belligerent scares stiff.

The atmosphere is overwhelmed

by the wild noise of screeching, barking and yelping. The melodrama would not end up even in half an hour if they were not dispersed. They sustain serious injuries.

I’m shell-shocked by the very event I had never ever seen before which

still hits me over. It reminds how severe the decade-long conflict like the one we have gone through.

Humans’ enmity is more ruthless than that of animals. Nonetheless, our political culture from the top to bottom, coincidently, still succumbs to the analogous psyche.