In this cut-throat world, two things are imperative knowledge of technology and knowledge of the English language.

The importance of the English language, therefore, is getting momentum across the globe. Language proficiency enables students to express self, society and market their concerned fields and open the doors of multiple opportunities.

So, each private boarding school employs best possible efforts to provide a good knowledge of English for their students. But why don’t students do so? In our context, where multilingual entities exist, parents are obsessed with the English language.

English language aims at cultivating productive and receptive skills. Both skills are essential in mastering language proficiency.

But a bitter reality is that our decades-old assessment system gauges students through a three-hour written exam.

In some schools in Kathmandu, to maintain English environment at school, rules are imposed but not taught; students are penalized, punished physically and even humiliated when students are detected speaking Nepali.

But almost no creative thought is spared for the students’ language development. They just stick to the old formula ‘’speak English”.

First of all, creating an English environment is a must. We should create such an environment where students can be engaged in language functioning programs. Second, we need changing classroom settings.

It is desirable to set round tables in place of benches in the classrooms, which promotes group work. Scores of studies have shown that eighty per cent students learn from group discussion.

Third, good noise should be promoted. It helps students to take part in any activities physically. Interactive teaching and learning between teachers and students is rare which results in teacher-centered learning.

Last, we should keep our students abreast of latest developments.

Children these days know but they don’t learn. The culture of learning from parents, teachers and juniors is dwindling. Aside from these, our assessment system should be changed.

Oral presentation, project work, survey and minimal research oriented assessment should be introduced.

But without considering the aforementioned ways if we try to impose rules and regulation on the students, in the name of maintaining English ‘environment’ at a school, be certain that you are not only making students violent and undisciplined.