TOPICS: TM’s answer for the ills

Transcendental meditation (TM) is supposed to be as old as the tradition of mankind. It is a simple, natural and effective technique which can be practiced by sitting anywhere. It is validated and verified by science.

Transcendental meditation is as powerful as it is effective. In order to practice such kind of meditation, it is not necessary to change the lifestyle or food habits.

During transcendental meditation, one experiences subtle or finer s

tate of the of the mind. Since there is

a close relationship between the body and the mind, a fine change on the mental level corresponds to a change on physical activity also.

During this meditation, oxygen consumption becomes less and partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood remain constant which affects decrease in cardiac output, breath rate and metabolic rate. This has been proved as beneficial for the patients of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Moreover, patients suffering from insomnia, ulcer, asthma and other physical or mental diseases can get benefits from this technique.

Transcendental meditation is

for those who aspire for perfect health, clarity, progress, happiness, peace and bliss. It provides strength to fight against all kinds of diseases and gradually reduces risky bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Experiments have shown that through the regular practice of transcendental meditation, intelligence becomes sharper. Thinking power

increases along with the enhanced power of wide comprehension. Not only this, memory increases, weakness decreases and emotional balance is accrued.

Transcendental meditation improves social behavior. For example, it develops tolerance, a sense of co-operation and a feeling of oneness with the environment.

People practicing transcendental meditation refer to it as a level of consciousness that brings a feeling of mental and physical freshness.

They feel that one can not utilize full mental potential due to the stress in the nervous system, which obtains deep rest through transcendental meditation. Consequently, it becomes possible to utilize the mental potential for productive work.