TOPICS: What about the people?

The recent decision of the government has irked the public as it has decided to increase the perks and remuneration for all the parliamentarians pumping out a huge amount of money from the state coffers, while the common people have been suffering from many difficulties.

Similarly, last week’s decision to provide fifty lakh rupees to former deputy prime minister Sujata Koirala has also saddened the people. Poor people are deprived of basic health facilities and sometimes commit suicide being unable to pay the treatment cost.

We do not say don’t provide any facilities to the party leaders. What we don’t understand is, why doesn’t the government make a policy that if the treatment is possible within the country they should do so here itself.

However, in case of unavailability of the required treatment they might send them out of country with a certain amount depending on the seriousness of the case.

Don’t we have good doctors in Nepal? Don’t we have good hospitals with ample facilities for our leaders? Of course we have, unfortunately, our leaders do not believe in them.

On the other hand, if our leaders could use comparatively cheaper vehicles instead of the expensive ones a huge amount of money could be saved and the money could be utilized for various public welfare activities such as building good roads, improving health facilities etc so that more people would be benefited.

Just imagine that if all the roads were in good condition how beautiful our country would be!

If our leaders are really serious about the country’s well-being they need to mull over the pathetic conditions of the rural population who have been deprived of various facilities.

They are honest and simple minded and they don’t know how to raise voices for their rights. However, it doesn’t mean leadership should be blindfolded and busy making extra bucks for themselves.

It is not difficult to imagine why our beautiful country is lagging behind. It is because of such leaders, and their lack of vision for charting a clear path of prosperity.

During the monarchy we cursed the monarchs as being obstacles to progress and happiness of the people, but now we have many kings as we have many parties and the poor people have become scapegoats.

It is high time people rose against such leadership and were judicious while choosing the leaders during elections.

One shouldn’t be a blind supporter of a party but be able to choose the right candidates who are capable of working efficiently.