TOPICS: Women and serials

Normally, we are a male-dominated society. This has been so since the past, and men used to go for hunting, collecting food and women stayed in the home looking after the family and preparing meals.

Today as well the majority of women stay within the boundary of four walls. They prepare food and do other tasks in the morning and in the evening.They are free in the afternoon so they watch television and view every episode of Hindi serials even in Nepal.

It is a true fact that human beings need entertainment for refreshment and so do these ladies go to watch the serials for entertainment. But they obviously are not aware about the fact that they are getting addicted to them.

I don’t believe that serials are the only ways of entertainment. It’s not only females, but these bunch of Korean series or Game of Thrones does not separate gender, but they are basically seen on laptops.

But for others, not just women, they have even made their daughters fans about them.

As soon as they get free time they go with their mom to watch those fruitless serials, and it has been like a trend that every generation’s females watch serials together.

And when they have to talk in a group, they are all set to give the story of entire episode to someone who missed watching them.

Personally, I don’t have any complaint about these serial victims, but they really irritate me when I go to someone’s house, and they compulsorily make me watch them. I am pretty sure a lot of people have been into it. Instead of talking, they keep watching, ignoring how their guests feel.

National Geographic, History or Discovery would at least make the guests feel okay, but serials? Ah! Those victimized guests can easily predict.

The other negative aspect is that these ladies even let some important stuff happening go in vain when it’s serial time.

They are not concerned about the Government, and all they want is not to miss their serials, and, therefore, they gradually turn docile from their childhood itself as they care for serials ignoring important stuffs happening.

They have to think for a while if they are asked the name of the Vice President of Nepal.

All I want to suggest is you have every right to get entertained, but let some knowledge as well get inside you. I understand serials are like novels which create curiosity.

But, it is necessary to adopt with the situation around. You can watch those missed out parts on youtube too.