In a new democracy like Nepal, the role of youth has significant importance carrying out demonstrations calling for an end to undemocratic regimes. Young people employ diverse forms of democratic activities in a society in which they believe they have been marginalized from the political course. Youth movements in Nepal have over 65 years of history. Nepali youth have been very active in the political movements and have supported the democratization process in Nepal since 1990 movement which had restored democracy. They are still struggling to exist in the forefront of the Nepali politics. Different platforms were led or used by the youth to make their existence and voice strong in the parliament by student’s unions, youth wings of political party, youth labor wings and so on. In contrast, some studies show an increasing disconnection from conventional political participation in recent years by young people globally. Conclusions suggest that they vote less, their membership in political parties is declining, and they distrust political institutions. Increase in unemployment rates among youth, an increase in precarious jobs and job insecurity, and ever more difficult transitions from school to work are contributing to young people’s apparent cynicism. The youth in political engagement have a changing face like from political to civic engagement and becoming engaged citizens where they have been advocating through voting, participating in local to international demonstrations forming a coalition to pressure the government and so on through involvement in health, education and charity work as well. Nepal, with a multiparty democracy system, has a large number of political parties ranging from loyal communist to a fully democratic party and the youth wings there have similar doctrines and mostly used during agitations, to galvanize the masses and to get the old leaders elected. Youth wings of the parties have been exploited as a muscle tool of their parent parties. Government and political parties should put emphasis on solving the youth related issues like unemployment, job insecurity and unstable social integration which could also be a de-motivation factor for youths by creating a youth friendly democratic and governance system in mainstream politics as well. Also youth wings should not be used for supplying “foot-soldiers” for the parent party.