A research has revealed that more than one million Nepalese youths are suffering from the unprecedented unemployment problem. It is one of the major hurdles to our country’s development. The bitter fact is that the government has failed to create fresh job opportunities to the youths and even the private sector is not enough to get half of the country’s skilled as well as semi-skilled youth force in the production sectors. With the days passing by, it’s becoming very hard to find a simple job even if you have a good educational background and skill. Considering the views shared by the youths, unemployment they understand is “anyone who is capable of working and is actively seeking work but is unable to find a job. This is the key fact that today’s youths are facing a dilemma directly or indirectly whether to go abroad for the better facilities relating to education, employment and health, among others, or not. Unimaginable outflow of youths from the country is just a result of unemployment. The trend of leaving the country for better opportunities is alarming. Unemployment is not only associated with money but it also has emotional side-effects. We can say that there is no future without job and as well as no value and respect to your qualification and capability. This is a very sad part that the country is not creating enough jobs to consume the workforce. On the other hand, the educational system that we have is also defective which ultimately creates a jobless situation. It produces a large number of students who lack any practical knowledge; theoretical knowledge does not get a job in the private sector. Whatever technical or vocational education our institutions provide is also not up to the mark. Many schools and colleges are established with a motive to earn money but not to give a quality education. Our social system is another cause of unemployment. In our society, most of the family members depend on someone who earns a little money that cannot support the entire family. This trend has given rise to unemployment. The best option to end the unemployment is to get self-motivated for self-employment that will make one self-reliant as well as earn self-respect. Political instability is another factor that hinders the economic growth and employment. But we cannot wait for politics to be stable. We need to feed ourselves and families. So, educated youths must be prepared to get self-employment opportunity; get some practical training from recognized institutions and start a small business or venture that can give job opportunity to others as well.