TOPICS:The benevolent momo curse

Yes, today I will play the devil's advocate and talk about the evil momo. I don't know whether anyone has realized it or not, but for god's sake, folks listen to me: the momo has literally robbed the Nepalese of their identity, and taken over Kathmandu one momo at a time.

Our rich culture and the variety of food items that once used to exist

is slowly but surely being eradicated by the momo mafia. Everywhere you go, an individual can probably spot a Momo Joint or at least get a whiff of

the aromatic scent flying past. Where did the dal, bhaat and tarkari disappear to? Nobody knows, and frankly, I don't think anyone gives a toss.

Have we become momofied (being brainwashed by the momo) and

led into thinking that eating momo all the time was the solution to all our

social gathering needs? Do we no longer have the ability too cook up a meal that would transcend beyond the usual ball of meat wrapped with a sheath of wheat? It is quite scary

for me to think that this round thing had the power to monopolize the

|taste buds of millions of unsuspecting foodies, whose lives are being turned upside down.

Sure, the momo tastes good and is easy to make, but is this the reason behind its grand success? Maybe, we are the reason for its proliferation. People nowadays are lazy, and to make traditional Nepalese dishes takes

away too much time and effort, so people usually compensate their idleness by going in a big way for momo.If you ask me, this invasion has to be stopped right now before it engulfs our entire way of life, and makes

the damages it has caused irreversible. Imagine yourself a world where people only ate momo for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how monotone it would be.On a personal level, I have been eating momo for as long as I can remember, and I don't seem to get enough of it.Why it is so alluring is beyond my comprehension and probably beyond yours too! Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see for how long the momo can keep on mesmerizing us. Will its grip on us loosen in time or will it conquer and dominate our palates for generations to come. And whatever the case may be, do try to add variations to your

dietary needs.