Turning life into non-descript stubs

On his chin is a freaky goatee,

his cheeks are starved but when he puffs mouthful of cigarette

smoke, they swell up. He then inhales the entire cloudy mass of smoke and conceals inside not letting it billow so far. The next in uncannily bleached hair-dos with tattooed arms and

burnt lips fills up an already-emptied cigarette stub with mixed-bag

tobacco stuffs and junks, squeezes the other end, sips his tea once, flares up the cigarette and draws the smoke hysterically meeting the utmost contentment of intoxication.

The next two, physically thin

and lanky, in somber face and grotesque look, happen to arrive in Pulsar-200 and sit close-by setting a circle. The burning stub is passed around. Their tete-a-tete is related to the next meeting and drinking, confronting and dictating the parents a cozy bike, girl friends they have hooked by their fabrication and next dating. Goes this addictive show of drug-professionals until all the stubs they have prepared are virtually over.

I often come across this representative group of urban youths and

can not stay unruffled. They look well-afforded, much loved and not suffering ones but unfortunately seem to have gone idle and drained away in this way. The business young guys crave for is reactive and frustrating.

Involving in retro traits, they are minimizing attempts to go forward in carving out their future. Insensitivity, bad company, lack of suffering, unnecessary mollycoddling, fulfillment of every whims and desires and unwise parental role has ushered the youths to go astray. The way they are choosing to resort to the evil enterprise despite the facilities afforded by their parents, lucidly indicates how accountable and vigilant the urban lads are. Why are they not hesitant to imperil their own fate? Why do they get embroiled in such horrendous trail?

Multiplying thought, gut and hope to do something better and beneficial in life, they must get rid of this narcotic turmoil. It is nothing other than obsession and negation towards life, and society which perishes in no time.

The pursuit of decent society for us is not possible until the youths exert their instrumental role. Their emergence, interference and representation in the national affairs are of dire need. But, the psyche they are succumbing to is a path to the pit.