Unfulfilled dreams

We are dreamers and we dream a lot. We aspire a lot. We want to achieve  many wonderful things in life which we haven’t just because we don’t have it. Like being a teacher, writer, musician, radio jockey, master of ceremony, video editor, camera person, photographer, doctor, sports person, actor, politician, religious preacher, chef, art collectors and many more. It’s not that you don’t have stamina to achieve all those, yes, you have it, you try for it, you have a wonderful concern for it, you love it, but there is other thing called what life exactly wants to give it to you. You can’t get everything that you want. I’ll explain it to you by an example. When we were  kids, we wanted so chocolates and ice-creams and  also our desire for toys were high, and  we fought with our parents and didn’t eat lunch and dinner most of the time. We were angry with them and they would just smile but would not give our demanded stuffs to us. They took  much  care and were conscious of our behaviors and mischievous acts.