There are a couple of valid reasons for school uniforms. Some schools ask children to wear school uniforms as a sign of prestige for the school. Others do it for safety reasons and others do it simply to place the focus back on education.

If your school is considering school uniforms as a sign of prestige then you need to ask yourself if you need for your child to have that kind of prestige. Is it going to make them feel better about themselves? Is it going to damage them in any way? If you want your child to wear their prestige on their body then that is your decision, just don’t do it simply so you can market the school.

The fact is that school uniforms take individuality from the students. The use of school uniforms may put unnecessary financial stress on the child to go to extreme to express their individuality as well as unnecessary financial strain on the parents of the children. Again, parents need to evaluate their own values in this situation. — edubook.com