Vanishing respect for teachers

There was a time when teachers were revered and treated as gods. Not so long ago, they were revered as gurus, who offered the beacon along the path of knowledge and enlightenment. That set the students on the way to gaining education as apart from information only. Alas, gone are the days! Today, in this ultra modern era, few seem to respect and idolize teachers, who are being threatened and beaten at students’ whims. The unfortunate scenario is there for everyone to be acquainted with.

Teachers no longer discipline their students. The opposite seems to be true. They demand their teachers to dance to their tune, and anybody who dares to defy their unreasonable “request” is meted out dire consequences. This was something unimaginable only a few years back. Some student have even stooped so low as to smear the principal’s face with black paint or soot. A few days back, the chief of Tri-Chandra College was also manhandled by politically-affiliated students or their vigilantes.

The world over, teaching is

still regarded as one of the most noble and respectable professions.

However, looking at the recent spate of incidents it looks like one of the most dangerous and challenging jobs. The rising violence, anarchy and lawlessness seem to be taking its toll on the students’ psyche too. They too have become violent and impatient resorting to squabbles and scuffles at the slightest provocation.

The scene is such that the school-going teenagers seem to be taking cue from their college-going seniors. Teenagers as young as 14 or 15 are defying the school norms and regulations and turning into rebels of sorts, huh! If there is genuine concern then, it will certainly be addressed by concerned authorities if put forward properly. However, it seems like the students are adamant on putting across their messages in a rather heavy handed manner.

Any student who stoops to the level of intimidating or getting into an unnecessary scuffle with his/he teachers should be strongly reprimanded and due punishment to the wrong-doer is a must. Therefore, teachers being the torch-bearers of the society should be applauded for their commendable performance and due recognitions should be accorded to them. They deserve respect, nothing less.